Engineered Power & Lighting Solutions

Ericson is the industry leader in electrical safety products. Designed and built to the highest standards, with an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and OSHA / NEC safety standards.

In-depth industry application knowledge is coupled with universal OSHA and NEC standards expertise to ensure that even the most complex, unique requirements are addressed without compromise. The outcome is an innovative custom solution that is capable of operating safely under all required environmental and electrical load conditions.

The Ericson custom solution advantage includes:

  • Consultative application review
  • System level design and evaluation
  • OSHA and NEC standards conformity
  • Detailed system review and design sign-off
  • Environmental performance testing
  • Complete electrical test and validation
  • Documentation package including CAD drawings

“I was impressed with the entire process, Ericson’s engineers knew the right questions to ask, identified any possible issues, and provided a complete turn-key custom solution meeting all regulatory requirements, and they even delivered on time.”” – Power Generation Maintenance Manager